The third international Agatha Christie conference

Forty years after her death, Agatha Christie remains an icon in crime fiction and entertainment. To celebrate the life and legacy of this remarkable woman, this conference explores her her continued relevance in adaptations and afterlives.

The Ageless Agatha Christie will unite researchers across and beyond  the humanities with  scholars, enthusiasts, and creative professionals for an exploration of the Agatha Christie phenomenon.

This conference is made possible through the kind financial support of the Humanities Graduate School, University of Exeter.

Signature image by Richard Carter

3 thoughts on “The third international Agatha Christie conference

  1. Having read the tweets about the conference, I wonder if any of the program is recorded for podcasts or if the papers presented are published anywhere that a non-attendee could read them. Several sound fabulous!


    1. Hi Cynthia. Thank you so much! Unfortunately none of the papers were recorded but we are considering publication possibilities. The proceedings of our first Agatha Christie conference, back in 2014, were recently published in America under the title ‘The Ageless Agatha Christie: Essays on the Mysteries and the Legacy’!


  2. Thanks. I see I can get it from Amazon. I just looked at the Table of Contents and it seems as fascinating as the topics at the conference this year. And I hope there will be more publications, from the 2015 and 2016 (especially) conferences.


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